Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a Haul! Yeah!

Hey Hey Everyone!

I have a haul post, it's not often I have these, but I got a bit of Adsense money (First time EVAR, w00p!) and had a chance to treat myself for a change.

Before I show you the goods I wanna thank you all for the comment on my rambly post about the job interview. I went for it and I think it went alright, There were a lot of questions and I stuttered on a few, but tried my best. It will be full time hours, which is awesome if they offer it to me. I should hear by wed/thurs if I am successful.

So anwyay, after my interview I went on my little shop, my main thing was so get the new sleek palette, which I did! They had two left, one broken, and the one for me.. Meant to be me thinks!

So here is what I got :)

*Click Pictures To See Full Size*
[All items £1.00 (Discontinued) from Superdrug. Golden Brown Nail Polish. Effect Powders in Rosewood, Bright and Black, Emerald.]
[Swatches of GOSH Pigments - Bright & Black, Emerald, Rosewood.]

[Cool lip jam - £3.50 half price in Superdrug]
[GOSH Shadestick £1 - Discontinued colour in Superdrug!]

[New Candy No17 Boots Stuff, Currently on 3 for 2.]
[Barry M Soft Eye Crayon - Black £3.90, Superdrug.]
[The BEAUTIFUL Bohemian Palette :) My Collection is again complete! £4.99 Superdrug.]
[No7 Totally Teal Nail Polish £6.25 - I had a £5 off voucher!]
[QVS Eyelash curlers - Have tried these, they're fab! £1.99 from Superdrug]
Here are a few essential items I picked up too, nothing overly exciting really!
[Mouthwash & Chewing Gum!]
[New Garnier Deodorant]
[Make up removing cotton pads]
[Baby wipes - These are fab for a whole host of things!]
[Some make up wipes, not sure what these are like but they were 75p each, so we shall see!]

Picture heavy, eh? Sorry about that and well done for making it this far! Have you got/tried any of the things I got? .. Let me know!


Louise - Freckled Elle said...

You picked up some great bargains!
Is the Barry M soft eye crayon any good? x

Unknown said...

Thank you! .. Tis lovely! Really soft and blendable, makes a fab base! xx

Unknown said...

Oooh good haul! I got a GOSH polish for £1 this week but thought it was just a mistake.

Lesley said...

ah! the new sleek palette is lovely!

Skarletrubyjynx said...

I haven't got any of those shades but the Gosh eye pigment I have (kiwi) is amazing :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

The yellow in that Sleek palette is calling to me. Actually, more like flat out screaming to me.