Friday, March 19, 2010

Maybelline - Falsies Mascara.

The first and most fabulous thing about this is the packaging! It's so bright and pink and eye catching, I love it. It even tops the Colossal lash, which I love too! I know lots of people find it a little big garish, and I guess that's just personal preference. I think it's modern, sturdy and pretty!

The brush is a curved spoon like shape which is supposed to catch every lash as you apply your mascara, The edge of the brush that you swipe on your lashes has quite flat bristles, and then the sides have long bristles. I like the brush design and it does get all of my lashes, and it's easy to angle the edge of the brush if you do need to get to any hard to reach inner/outer corner lashes.

The picture below shows the before and after results from one coat of this.. I think the pictures speak for themselves, the result is impressive!

The formula is nice and it dries fast on the lashes too, which I am glad about. I hate nothing more than a wet mascara that takes so long to dry! It also doesn't stink like the Colossal Lash Formula, Which some of you may know, I hate! It's a nice rich black colour too.

Here we have another coat..
You can tell that the extra coat just does it, they almost look false! They look so curled and dramatic, I really the the effect. The brush really does get in and coat all lashes and give an amazing effect. This mascara was applied straight to my lashes without me having curled them too, Great huh?

Have you tried the new Falsies Mascara? What did you think?

You can buy it from Superdrug and it has £2 off at the moment : Click Here.

*This mascara was sent to me for review consideration. My opinions are honest and I am not affiliated with or being paid for this by the company.*


Skarletrubyjynx said...

I bought this the other day when it was on offer, I think it's pretty good but I had a complete idiot moment and tried using the wrong side of the brush at first lol

tackyblueeyeshadow said... looks great. I must try this! :) x

Unknown said...

Oooh it looks really good! Your eyes are beautiful. When/if i ever run out of mascara i'll have to ry this one!

Lesley said...

wow, I might have to try this one.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love how defined and separated your lashes look in the one coat photo :) and the packaging is cute.

Anonymous said...

im def gonna try this
xx mw