Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rambly Talkin'.

So, I'm a little nervous about my interview tomorrow, I'm also excited at the prospect of maybe working there, I always enjoy going to a VUE Cinema, where the staff always seem friendly and cheerful.

However I have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind... IF I get this job (Which I'm unsure about right now, obviously) then I may not be able to take it.. You see, my BF and I are both on Job Seekers Allowance at the moment, we have a joint claim, If I get a job and he doesn't then it needs to be over 30 hours to support us both, or under 16 hrs for us to get a top up from them on the money I would earn - Now, I don't know how many hours the job I am going for is for yet, but I hope it's full time if I do get it, cos if they offer it to me and it's only 20 hours or something then I'm gonna have to say no and that'll make me sad!

Don't think that from me saying this that I expect to get the job, because I don't.. I've been out of work a while and there will probably be better people applying than me, but if I do I would hate to turn it down, just because the job centre say I have to support me and my BF if I get a job over 16 hrs.

So, it needs to be over 30/35hrs for it to benefit us basically.

Ideally my BF will find work too, and we will both be working full time and won't have to worry about the pesky so and so's at the job centre!

God, that was rambly.. Wasn't it?! Sorry!

Wish me luck for tomorrow anyway! :)


gillybops said...

Best of luck with it,the best thing i can recommend is apart from the obvious of going smart etc is to walk in tall and confident with your lovely smile and be ready to extole your many values and also have some questions for them. Good luck xxx

Unknown said...

Good Luck! You'll be brilliant :)
Don't be afraid to negotiate with them if they offer you different hours to begin with.

Juliemck said...

If you get the job then take it! You can always hand in your notice if you end up really not managing! I hate the job centre too, I've been on and off job seekers since July last year and I hate it! x

Cat said...

That wasn't too rambly at all :-)

Good luck with the interview, I hope they are able to offer the hours you need.

All the best

rainbowdust33 said...

good luck, you will be fine! xx

Unknown said...

I find the stupid governments rules on benefits so ridic considering loads of people don't even try to get a job and lie on their forms and get a load of dosh. My mates hubbie got laid off, he cannot get a job that offers more than he gets from benefits, and it's been so long that now their little girl is old enough to go to nursery and they can't afford to put her in nursery on the wages jobs are offering so he has to decline them and stay home and look after her...their rules suck. I hope they offer you the job u deserve it xx

Jo Ellis said...

Good will be fine :) x

SilhouetteScreams said...

Good luck :) hopefully they'll be understanding and let you negotiate hours if you get the position.

Is it like some unwritten law that govt assistance has to be unnecessarily complicated? D;

Skarletrubyjynx said...

Good luck :) I hate stupid rules like that, it's easy for them to think that people can survive on that amount of money when they know they'll never be on benefits themselves...

OxfordJasmine said...

Good Luck!! xx