Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review : Trilogy Everything Balm.

Trilogy is a new brand to me, but is a natural skincare range from New Zealand and they have a great website, great ethics and some cult products. The company's goal is to go 'zero-waste'; and was the first New Zealand skincare brand to earn carbon-neutral certification in 2007 (they carbon offset their greenhouse gas emissions by investing in alternative energy production projects). They also don't test on animals.

So, I have been using their 'Everything Balm' for about a month now and it is just a versatile great product! When I first got it I was a little confused, I read the instructions and it is basically a product for anything and everything. I did a little online research and found forums where people were saying what they use it for and I was so intrigued, So I began using it.

Everything Balm has multiple uses on all skin types, Such as :

♥ - Lip Conditioner
♥ - Cuticle Conditioner
♥ - Rough Dry Skin
♥ - Taming Unruly Brows!
♥ - Hair Smoothing (Split Ends, Etc..)
♥ - Massage
♥ - Baby Care

It can also be used on your face, legs, hands and, well... anywhere else basically!

It is so soothing and feels really moisturising when applied. I love applying it to my legs after shaving and It has been really great for dry skin on my feet / elbow / knee area, It's apparently good for sunburn too, not that I'd know (with the UK weather!). I really really do love this product and I cannot say enough about it. It's full of good ingredients and it smells lovely too, it has a subtle rose geranium scent and it's just a great multi purpose tub of goodness.

It is available in 45ml and 95ml tubs and is a solid texture, but once rubbed between your fingers or hands it turns to a gorgeous silky scented moisturising oil, Don't let the word oil worry you though, It's definitely not greasy on the skin and it soaks in nicely.

Ohh! I also wanted to talk about the packaging which of course is 100% recyclable. The outside of the box looks like a recycled box, kinda plain and brown (as you will see in the pictures) but when you open it it's amazing, The inside is full of colourful pictures of beautiful colours with Bee's and Flowers. The Balm itself is inside a 100% recycleable embroidered canvas bag too, which is really nice to carry it around in when travelling.

I will say though, that the 95ml tub I have is pretty big for the handbag, so I depotted a little into an empty jar and just carry that with me so I can use it when needed. I guess the handy 45ml tub is easier to carry with you.

So if you cannot already tell, I love this and I highly recommend it, I don't see how anyone could dislike it! It is a must have for me now, for sure.

Have you tried this, or anything else from Trilogy?

You can purchase Everything Balm from the Trilogy Website.

*This was sent to me for review consideration, I am not affiliated with this company, or being paid for this review. These are my honest thoughts, I love this!*


SilhouetteScreams said...

I've never heard of this brand, but I LOVE that they have proof that theyre green :)

Anonymous said...

love trilogy...hate the smell of the everything balm

Madame B Fatale said...

Its AMAZING hey! I didn't think to use it on my brows!! Thanks :)

I have had mine for about 2 months now and i seriously think its going to last forever.

Anonymous said...

I love this natural product. Its name sure does fit its purpose. i am on my last container, the store where i usually buy it from no longer sell this product. Anyone out there, can you please tell me where i can find it in London?