Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review · Trilogy Skincare #

If you saw my review on Trilogy's Everything Balm, you will remember that I love it lots! Well, I also got to try some of their skincare, namely the Cream Cleanser and The Hydrating Mist Toner.

The Cream Cleanser : (Suitable for all skin types)

This is a lovely cleanser, it comes in a glass bottle with a pump and looks nice on the bathroom shelf!
I use this at morning and night times.

It is a lovely rich thick cream that has a lovely light scent to it, I massage it onto damp skin and then use my soap and glory scrub-let for about 40 seconds, massaging it in. It feels very luxurious on the skin and removes make up too. I have never tried to remove a full face of make up (eyes) with it, because I prefer to use a separate eye make up remover first, then I will rinse my face and use this. It feels so silky on the skin that I could stand massaging my face all day!

It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry at all, my skin feels silky smooth, soothed, refreshes and nourished after use and It leaves a nice natural scent on my skin.

You can buy the Trilogy Cream Cleanser Here.

Now is when the toner comes in...

The Hydrating Toner : (Suitable for all skin types)

This, like the cleanser, comes in a posh glass bottle, which has a spray cap. I love the idea on spraying my toner on, it is so much more refreshing that wiping it over your face with a piece of cotton wool.

It is a gentle alcohol free toner which is great to use anytime, It makes my face feel so clean! It is so soothing on my skin and doesn't feel drying at all, It hydrates my skin and feels really cooling. It has a lovely light lavender refreshing smell and it made my pores appear a little minimised (Nothing will ever minimise them that much, sadly!). I always use this after the cleanser and it just refreshes me and removes any traces of the cleanser that I may not have rinsed thoroughly.

I love just applying this randomly throughout the day to freshen and wake me up a little, but that's a problem when I go out, because the bottle weighs so much, So I have poured a little into a small plastic spray bottle, and now I find myself spritzing myself when I feel a bit warm, or feel my skin needs invigoration (Woo, big word there!), I spray it lightly on top of my make up when I have applied it, as you would with fix plus and it just feels like it sets everything just lovely.

You can buy the Hydrating Toner Here.

I have really enjoyed testing both of these products and I seem to be reaching for them day and night now, I love their fresh scents and how refreshed they make my skin feel and I love that they are natural, and not doing bad things to my skin :) Win!

*These products were sent to me for review consideration. I am not affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to do this review. All opinions are my own.*

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Kelly said...

These sounds really good, I also like toners that you can spritz on to the face, so much more refreshing.