Friday, April 30, 2010

Five Skin Essentials!

Because I am a bit lost on the 'what to blog about' front at the moment, I thought I would talk about five things that I couldn't do without in my skincare.

Some may find it of interest, or not.. I don't know?!

So, onto my goods, in no particular order.

1: I bought this randomly one day, because it was so cheap and I was curious to see what it was like. I don't really suffer from blackheads, but I did have one awkward one, So I got this. I used it after a hot shower and it got rid of it straight away, I was amazed. It's great for getting any crap out of your open pores. It looks like a scary instrument but it really isn't and it is painless.

2: I love this moisturiser! It was sent to me a while back for review and I always use it. It mattifies my skin and has SPF in too, so that's great. It smells good, soaks in nicely and makes my skin feel good. It is a definite favourite of mine.

3: These little things are amazing, They are small thin wax strips which are great for small areas of hair removal. I only use them for under my brows after plucking to get rid of the tiny fine annoying hairs. They would also be great for the upper lip, but I haven't been brave enough yet, because it's ouchy!

4: I couldn't be without this and have been using it religiously for ages now. It is the best exfoliator ever, it leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a peach and deeply cleansed.

5: These were quite a recent purchase. I had always used an old pair of tweezers that I'd had for ages that did the job. I saw these for about £4 or so and picked them up. Wow! New tweezers that have a good clean edged slant so the job so much better. I love these!

So, they are five things I love and wouldn't be without! Do you use anything I use?

What are your five face essentials?


VexintheCity said...

Blackhead removers totally baffle me! How do you use them??

Sophie said...

@Yinka - You place the circle bit over the spot, apply a little pressure and drag it across your skin, it kind of digs in and pulls out the dirt. (The small end is better for tiny areas) It's Pretty fabulous!

Rhamnousia said...

I had that blackhead remover ages ago, I moved house and somehow lost it, I don't suffer from blackheads either but it IS nice to remove other crap.

I will have to buy another one as I do miss it.