Monday, April 05, 2010

Sleek Acid Palette FOTD!


Crazy Makeup Alert!

I did this look the other day, I was just playing with my 'untouched' Acid Palette, I know.. I've had it for months, and never used it.. Well I have now, but I hadn't.. Oh never mind!

I used the bright pinks and the lovely purple. I quite like how it came out, but it's very bright and maybe not to everyone's taste..

Let me know what you think..

On the lips I have MAC Rebel Lipstick, another one I have been neglecting, but I actually like it! :)


Jo Ellis said...

Wow i love it!!!! Is it just me or does it make your eyes look bluer? :)

Louise H said...

gorgeous it really suits you with your pale skin and dark hair x

JANE. said...

I think it really suits you:) and i agreee with the blue eye comment above!

Kelly said...

This really suits you!! Pink is definately a colour you can pull off - looks great.

Angelica said...

Looks gorgeous hun.
Ive had this for ages as well and im still to use it.
I might have to have a play around with it!


Sheefa F said...

it looks really stunning on you hun :

Unknown said...

I love it, i think you look really amazing! I adore my Acid palette. Think the lippie really suits you too :)

Anonymous said...

the colours are gorgeous on u

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOOOOOOOVE. Then again, how could I not love an EOTD this bright :D