Sunday, May 09, 2010

LUSH Tea Tree Water.

I was advised to try this by the SA in Lush because of my oily spot prone skin. I thought it sounded pretty good and was willing to give it a go. Toner is hit and miss thing for me, I don't ALWAYS use it, even though I probably should, It just never seems to creep it's way fully into my skincare routine.

I have been using this for a while now and I really like it, It helps with my oilyness and it calms my skin. It feels very cooling and so soothing and calming on my skin too, I love the fresh feeling it gives when I apply it.

Another great thing about it is the spray bottle, how nice that you can pop it into your bag and use it to refresh your face throughout the day!

.. Well, it would be lovely, but it's not for me, because disappointingly my 'Sprayer' never worked so I have to remove it and apply the toner with a cotton wool pad. I'm disappointed about that part because I think it would be lovely to just spritz it on every now and then..

Oh well, That'll teach me to check it works next time!

Available from Lush here. Oh, and I bought it with my own monies.


Unknown said...

I really want to try this, you should take it back the people at lush are lovely and I bet they would change it for you :) XO

Unknown said...

Hi Hannah,

Do you think so, I bought it a while ago now, in Jan. I guess I could email them :)

missy_ellie_uk said...

Hmm, I picked some more of this up last Monday and the spray pump has stopped working. Maybe its a bit of a design fault? I was going to try taking it back, especially since it broke so quickly!

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

This sounds similar to Australian Bodycare products. Have you ever tried any? They are all Tea Tree based and are fantastic for acne prone skin. I know a few people that have had great results from their skin wash.

Take a look at their site x

Liz Randell said...

I've been using Lush's Breath of Fresh Air toner for ages now and I never use the spray! I found it wasn't a fine mist or spritz and was more of a harsh squirt of toner and not a pleasant experience so I have always used it with cotton wool. Agreed it would be nice though to use a toner to spritz and cool you down during the day so a shame your spray doesn't work :( How is the scent of the tree tea - is it very strong?

Liz xx

LauraJHyatt said...

I tried this on a total whim actually, after being drawn into Lush by the smell! All ways the way. I love how it feels like its actually working rather than just being a nice smelly product but not really doing anything. I didn't think it was too expensive either. Great review :) xx x

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