Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some New Things ..

A few new things I have acquired recently(ish) ...

A new face wash! .. Yeah, cos I needed one of those!
** ♥ **
I have been wanting this for ages, I tried so hard to photograph it well too!
** ♥ **
Yay! C2000 have new colours.. The purple one is 'Parma Violets'
** ♥ **.
Just to rid the *ahem!* .. fine hairs on my top lips, I hates them!
** ♥ **
These are Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadows.. Look at them! They are truly fabulous, creamy and pigmented, as the swatches show.
** ♥ **
I always use the Maybelline line definer, but thought I'd try this one. I like the tip of it, but it's not very black :(
A new glitzy liner to go to my collection of Glam Crystals, this one is so lovely and spangly.
** ♥ **
The No7 Blend and Contour brush.. a good dupe for the MAC 217? Compare below..
I will be doing a comparison when I have used the No7 one some more.
** ♥ **

A Nailene gel nails overlay kit.. I thought this sounded fun, and I have quite weak nails. I will let you know how I get on!
** ♥ **
So, that's my little lot.. If you want to know anything more about anything, let me know.



Becka said...

I've got the GOSH Rainbow...LOVE IT!! :)
Also love the look of that blue Rimmel eyeshadow. I haven't checked out Rimmel in years, may have to now xx

Glittermillie said...

This post has made me want to go shopping! Maybe tomorrow... ;)

I have Gosh Rainbow. I love it. When I first got it I wanted to put it over everything!

liloo said...

great haul. i cant wait to see your swatches of the gosh rainbow. holy crap,how pigmented is this rimmel stuff. love it !!! xx
drugstore makeup has come a loooooooong way xx

liloo/tsunimee bla bla bla