Monday, June 14, 2010

Lip of the moment! ♥

Hey girls and boys! I wanted to share with you my current lipstick obsession! The Boots No 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in 'Heartthrob' .. Cool name too, right? I bought this about a year or so ago, and have never really bothered with it until recently.

It's a gorgeous bright pink, but not a shocking pink, but of a pink creme. It's a stunning colour. The lipstick itself is a nice creamy consistency that applies smoothly and is well pigmented. It lasts really well too, hence the name 'Lasting Fix'!

It cost £3.49 and is available from all good Boots stores, or online! I definetely wish to buy a few more colours, this is a lovely product for the price!

*Note* I have been informed by Boots 17 that unfortunately this shade is discontinued. Not sure why because it's lovely!


Unknown said...

Looks beautiful on you :)

Katkins1982 said...

Wow! that is super pretty! I am so going to check this out, thank you!