Friday, June 04, 2010

Peachy Cheeks!

I wanted to show you all this gorgeous blusher.. I bought this last year while I was on holiday in Blackpool and I really liked the colour, Since then I have neglected it, but with the recent nice weather I have been showing it a bit of love.

It was really cheap, like less than £3.00 I think, and I'm not sure if they still sell them, or if they have other colours, but I have to say really, really like it. It gives a really nice glowy peach summery look that lights up my skin and makes it look fresh!

Now, with it being from Primark, the quality is not the best, it is super duper powdery (as the image below illustrates) and one swipe of the brush leaves a ton of loose dust on top of the blush, but it is pigmented and blends really nicely on my skin.

That's all :)

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