Sunday, June 20, 2010

♥ Random Make Up Looks!

This post is just a selection of picutres from my blog picture folder on my desktop. They were all intended to be FOTD posts but some are quite old and I don't remember what I even used!

In future I'm going to try and make a note of what was used and put it in the folder straight away so that I can mention the products I used too! :)

I will tell you what I can remember about each look, and I hope you like them..

This look was done using MAC's Iris Print Eyeshadow, which I have had for ages but neglect lots.
I use Chrome Yellow here and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I love yellow!
I know I used some Barry M Dazzle Dusts for this.. It's just a summerish look.
I remember using a brown Collection 2000 Dazzle me and a Black Sleek eye dust for this.
I used Boujoir's 'Noir Emurade' Eyeshadow for this look.

Wow, I am quite impressed at how much I remembered there! So, that's it.. My blog folder has no more FOTD pics in it, So I can start again, properly! :)


Stevista said...

I really like the last one! :)

Cat said...

Well hello pretty lady!

I adore your make up skills, you really are awfully talented. Do you ever think about working within the make up trade professionally?


Unknown said...

Thank you both :)

@Cat : It's a dream of mine t do it professionally, but I have no idea of where to begin, and I don't have the money either. I hope to get into it though, I would love it :)

Unknown said...

All are just stunning, i love the yellow and black look!