Thursday, July 01, 2010

DIY Lipstick!

The other day I was bored and feeling a little creative too, I looked and my overflowing lipstick draw in despair and considered sorting it out.. Then I remembered something I had seen a while back on a you tube video, where someone took a mixture of lipsticks, melted them down and created a new unique colour.

I chose three, NYX Narcissus & Orange Soda and an old MUA (Make Up Academy) one (From the days when it was sold in TJ Hughes) called Champagne.

I mixed them all up and poured them into a jar, and here is my result.

It's a really nice subtle peachy pink shade, and I really love it! I can't wait to try more combos out soon! :)


Kate said...

Great idea! Custom lippie! What did you use to melt them down?
Kat x Click&Make-Up!

Unknown said...

Sorry! I prob shoulda explained better. I put them onto a large metal spoon and held it over a flame until it melted, then poured into a pot and left to set.

Anonymous said...

hi where do u get little tubs to put it in cos ive been lookigneverywhere in superdrug etc and cant find any

Unknown said...

Mine was an old empty pigment jar that I cleaned. You can buy them online though. Just do a google search for empty 5gram jars.