Monday, July 12, 2010

Eight Questions Tag!

I was tagged by Stavroula to do this tag, it's the eight questions tag!

What happens, is I answer the eight questions that she made up and sent to me, then I make up eight and tag some people who I would like to answer them. Then they do the tag, answer my questions, and create their own for the next person/people.


- What's your top makeup tip/product for oily skin? Boots, No17 Mattifying Face Base.

- What's your favorite nude lipstick? Hmm, Gosh Darling :)

- What's your absolute favorite summer nail polish? Revlon Lilac Pastelle at the moment.

- If you could only pick one makeup brand to use from now on, which one would it be? MAC, Because they have everything a girl needs in her make up bag!

- What's your favorite part in your makeup routine and why? Um.. I don't know really, I like making my eyes up.

- French/Natural manicure/pedicure or bright colors? French manicure and pedicure :)

- What's your favorite dessert? (yumm yumm) Anything that is sweet and chocolatey and takes my fancy!

- Bags or shoes? What's your absolute obsession? ;) Shoes would win over bags, but I love both :)


So, now for my eight questions, and the people who I am tagging.

Q1 : Who is your favourite (Music) artist/band right now?
Q2 : False Lashes or Lots of Mascara?
Q3 : Do you pluck your brows, or wax/thread?
Q4 : What do you do to relax and pamper yourself?
Q5 : What is your least favourite thing about you?
Q6 : What is your most favourite thing about you?
Q7 : What is your absolute fave mascara?
Q8 : What is your must have lipstick?

I tag .. Sirvinya, MizzWorthy, Tanya, Jo & Charlotte.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you for tagging me :)
I have already done this (scheduled)
But I will do it again but not tag 8 more people so I will still answer the q's :)
Hope that's ok xxx

Great answers & q's btw