Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mum Reviews : Schwarzkopf Seah Black Pearl.

This Range is designed specifically for Mature Hair..

They Say :
Delicate, dry and mature hair needs special care in order to look and feel healthy and radiant. The SEAH HAIRSPA MATURE HAIR product range contains mild and light formulas with Hyaluron Rejuvenate Copmplex, enriched with Black Pearl extract, to rejuvenate the hair with moisture, whilst protecting it from external damage. The result is beautiful, youthful looking hair, soft to the touch and radiant in shine..
So, obviously, with being 27 I don't exactly have hair that is that Mature, but my mum does! She has been a hairdresser for over 30 years, Er.. Well, a long time! So we can safely say that she knows her hair products!

Meet My Lovely Mum, Sylvia.

She was very excited at the opportunity to test and review some products, and to write her review for my blog. She has very long hair, as you can see. It is coloured and quite dry and damaged.

She has been testing these for about 5 weeks now, and here are her thoughts..

* * *

I really love the packaging of all of the products, it is very sleek, modern and expensive looking.
The shampoo and conditioner both come in large pump bottles which is much easier to use than a standard bottle. The mask comes in a large tub, and you just scoop the product out.

One little off putting thing, which is just in the mind really, was that the actual product also had a grey tinge to it, a similar colour to the packaging. This doesn't affect the product, it just looks a little off putting when you pump/scoop it out.

All three of the products had the same scent, I'm not great at describing smells, but they all smell very good and the scent lingered on the hair until I washed it again.

Seah Black Pearl Bath Shampoo : This product is thick and luxurious, it lathers well but I did need quite a lot of product to get the lather going, but my hair is very long and quite dry on the ends. It smells good, as I mentioned, and it left my hair feeling smooth.

Seah Black Pearl Wrap Conditioning Lotion : Again, this is rich and creamy, but it really wasn't enough to soften my dry ends fully, So I found that I would use the mask afterwards to help with my dry ends.

Seah Black Pearl Masque Cream : This is a thick cream that can be left on as a treatment to condition the hair, it left my hair feeling really smooth and soft and I enjoyed using this.

All three products were very nice to use, and using them in conjunction with the others left my hair feeling very soft and manageable and left it frizz free and smooth on my dry ends.

*Products were provided for free for review consideration.
All opinions are honest*


E said...

Oh my god, your mom looks like your twin! Are you ever told how much you look alike!? :)

Unknown said...

Yep, people say that a lot :)