Monday, July 05, 2010

My Current Up's & Downs!

* The Nice Weather We Have Been Having!

* Sunless Tanning.. I am too wimp to St Moriz, So I have opted for Dove Summer Glow! (More to come on that later!)

* Weekends away.. This weekend infact, me and the BF are going to Manchester (Exciting!) .. We are going to be in the audience for the X Factor Auditions on Friday, So I get to see The Fine *Squeal* Mr Simon Cowell again, as well as Cheryl Tweedy (Cole?), Louis Walsh and Guest Judge .. Nicole Scherzinger.

* Pretty Feet! I gave myself a Pedicure last week and I feel so much better now my feet are presentable!

* Bright Lips :)

* Headaches and general feeling run down-ness. I can't seem to shake it off!

* My Hair, it's so long and in need of some love.. I need a cut and colour, badly.

* Caoimhe from Big Brother 11.. Ugh - Bitch!

* Shimmery Nail Varnishes, Me no like! I only want to wear creams, flat colours at the moment.

* Pizza, Just because I have it for tea tonight, and I don't fancy it, HaHa!

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