Saturday, July 24, 2010

Superdrug Natural High Eye Cream.

I enjoy doing these little 'What I love to use' posts at the moment.. Today we have the eye cream I use! .. Eye cream was something I never used for a long time, but one day (a couple of yrs ago) I decided I needed too, and these were my purchases..

These are Superdrug's Natural High Eye Creams.. I bought these of a whim one day to try them, and was surprised by how nice they are, then all of a sudden I saw the brightening one popping up on blogs, it seemed that others were trying and liking it too.

The brightening one is the best of the two and really does brighten, as well as instantly soothe and cool, I couldn't be without it. I always recommend this to people who ask what eye cream I would suggest.

The Anti Ageing one is soothing, but doesn't feel like it's working as much as the brightening one does, but that is ok, I used the brightening one in the morning and the anti ageing at night.

They leave my under eyes feeling soft and moisturised and more awake.

I also use their MakeUp Remover/Cleanser which I like, but I have since found my love for the Boots Botanics one.. The Natural High Range consists of lots of skincare though, and I would definitely like to buy some more items to try out soon.

The eye creams are only £4.49 each! and at the moment all 'Natural High' products are 2 for £5 which is an absolute bargain! I might need back up's!

Let me know your thoughts on this range if you have used it :)


Dani said...

This is the third good review I've read on the eye brightening cream, I think I'll buy this next week :) xoxo

StellieStellina said...

I love this range - I have the brightening eye cream and the radiance balm, which is fabulous. It's really moisturising, smells great and really does make my skin look and feel radiant!x

Unknown said...

Great review. I've hear wonderous things about these before. I'm too lazy for an eye cream just at the moment i think, but when i start taking proper care of my face i'll definately give this a whirl! :)

Anonymous said...

I recently returned eye creams from garnier, boots protect & perfect, lancôme and a 100% organic range cecause i had reactions - very congested skin as well as red, splotchy areas. But these are perfect! Anti-aging at night, brightening during the day. They feel good, look good, make-up can go straight on top. I re-apply several times a day without 'over-feeding' the skin. And they're 2-4-5 at the moment. They suit me - maybe you too!

Anonymous said...

I have used stupidly expensive stuff on my face (including Creme De La Mere... yikes!) but this is my favourite range! Smells yummy, super cheap, does the job as well as anything I've every used AND causes no reaction whatsoever... and Lillian... you should take care of your face NOW, it's never too early!!! Trust me, I am 48, have used cream since I was 10 and am walking proof that it DOES make a difference! :)

wrinkle creams said...

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Curvy Single Girl said...

Just wanted to let you all know that Natural High Brightening Eye Cream is just £1.00 at the moment online with free delivery :-)