Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Hey Everyone!

While I was away I was itching to blog again, but because I didn't have everything with me at my Mum's I was a little limited.

Now I am back I have changed my layout a little and spent six hours, yes six! Removing every single tag from all 400 posts and re adding them so they are neat and tidy and organised.

Now that I have done that and my blog is fresh and ready for more posts I thought I would ask you lot, the people who read my blog, what you want to see more of?

So, here is a poll.. Please leave me a comment too, so I know your thoughts!

Thank you :)

What would you like to see more of?
Fave products
Something else (State in comments)


E said...

I really would like to see more reviews - you are really informative and helpful :)

Also if you have time, I'd like to see some fave products posts? Thanks xx

Lima said...

I'd love to see more FOTDs & reviews. xx

Sarah said...

I'd like to see more reviews.

I also just wanted to say your blog is looking mighty gorgeous - definitely worth all the time you spent on it =)