Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bargainous Accessories! ♥

While I was away at my Mum's we went into town and I got a few treats from Primark. I just love Primark for accessories, you cannot beat the price, and they are always on trend.

So I thought I would show you what I got... All necklaces :)

I couldn't resist this, it caught my eye straight away. It's so big and glamorous and the stones really catch the light and are multi coloured, Love it! I would guesstimate that this is a 20" chain.

Next up is this cute little birdcage necklace, the chain on this is super long, like past the boobs! It is so delicate and vintage looking and has a cute diamante birdy inside with a pearl :)

This was orginally for my mum, but when we got home I tried it on and she loved how it looked that she let me keep it and said she will get herself another one. I don't normally like owl'y things much, but this is so eye catching and big, The chain is really long.

Last but not least, this is a dainty, super cute little bumble bee, It is just gorgeous. I am scared of Bee's in real life, but I love this necklace! The chain is shorter on this, about 18" or so.

* * *
What do you think?
Do you purchase your accessories in Primark too?
I think they are just perfect!
  • Heart Necklace : £2.50
  • Birdcage Necklace : £2.00
  • Owl Necklace : £2.50
  • Bee Necklace : £1.50
Thanks Mummy! ♥


Louise H said...

Ooo I love the bee ;)

Unknown said...

I love the bee, that's so cute! :)

Becky said...

I love that bee!!

Unknown said...

They look great. I love the bee the best. I'm planning on having a look around Primark this afternoon.

Unknown said...

Aw, I love how the bee is the most popular! I have to admit, that is the first one that caught my eye :)

Sian said...

I got that bee! I hate them too but it was too cute !

Stevista said...

I like them all, but the heart is my favorite! I love everything heart-shaped! ;) Your mom is so sweet! :)