Friday, August 13, 2010

Eyeko Cream, With Extra Glow!%

This was recently sent to me from Eyeko, and I was very excited to try it!

I am quite new to trying things from Eyeko, and so far I have been so impressed. Their products are cute, the packaging is quirky and everything is really nice quality.

I have never tried the original 3 in 1 Eyeko cream that they sell, So I wasn't to sure what to expect. This new cream is the same idea, but it had extra glow! We all love a bit of glow, don't we?

Here it is, swatched.

It is a really smooth thick cream that doesn't really have a scent, It blends into the skin really nicely and in my swatches it is not completely blended.

They Say : This NEW dreamy pink cream is loaded with micro light reflecting pigments perfect for creating a soft focus sheen. Add a flattering highlights to brow and cheek bones, your cupids bow, even collar bones and shins for a touch of moonlit magic.

So, I got it out and I played with it.

For me, as an all over face moisturiser it doesn't work, I am oily and a face full of shimmer would not be a cool look at all. I do think that this would be waaay too shimmery for anyone's face, all over.

As an eye cream it's ok, I mixed a tiny dot of this in with my normal eye cream and applied it, it brightened up under my eyes and gave a nice glow without looking overly shimmery.

I love it as a highlighter though, It leaves a gorgeous sheen and gives a healthy glow. I used it on my cheekbones, down my nose and a little on the brow bone and cupids bow.

Here are some pictures I took after I had applied it..

Lovely, right? I think it makes me look fresh faced, and even though I am oily skinned it doesn't make me look silly. This is definitely a nice product to have that is multi purpose, It is not glittery, but has a really pretty shimmery sheen to it.

What do you think, have you tried this
Available from the Eyeko Website, for £8.00.

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Stevista said...

That looks very nice!! :) I have oily skin too and since you say that it doesn't make you look more oily it must be good! I have to try it! :)