Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lip Loving : Peachy Pout!

Hey Peoples! 
I thought I would do another lip of the week post. I've done a few of these, and I like to post about what colour lips I am sporting the most this week!

So, I'm loving the peach at the moment, and above is my fave combo :) It is Barry M Peachy Pink (#147) Lip Paint and Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss in Candy Glow (#68).

I think peachy lips are summery and flirty and up until quite recently I would never have thought of wearing a peach lipstick.

Here is what it looks like on the lips (Sorry the picture isn't the best..)

Do you like peachy lips? :) Let me know your fave peachy lippies!


sherbet_dip said...

Do u find the 147 lip paint drying? i find it to be the same formula as the 101. the lip paint in 53 which is peachy is a lot creamier x

Unknown said...

Yes, It's hella drying, just like 101 is, but I slather loadsa lipbalm on first and it glides on nicely :)

nicoletta said...

I find it drying too but adore the colour xx

The Beginning, My Beginning. said...

It's a gorgeous combination! I have always wanted to pich up the peach shade from Barry M but never got round to it, I may try and see if I can get it! Thanks!

Irene Blushing Loves said...

Lovely lip compo!!!

Tiffany said...

Such a pretty lip combo! I recently got Barry M 147 in a swap and I'm really enjoying it! A little drying on its own but perfect when layered with a gloss like you've done here :)