Monday, August 16, 2010

My, Sue Moxely, How your Make Up has improved!<.

Sue Moxley is a brand I have tried a little of in the past, but I was quite disappointed with one of her Palettes that I once got as a gift, it looked beautiful and was full of bright colours that seemed pigmented, but the quality just wasn't up to the price of the palette. The eyeshadows would disappear as soon as I tried to blend them.

Recently I received a parcel with some products for review in, including this, the 'Festival Palette' from Sue Moxely. I opened it up and was wowed by the bright colours and the new sturdier packaging, So I quickly swatched them right away in the hope that maybe the quality of the product inside had improved, I then wiped over with a tissue to see if they were still a bit rubbish. . . . .and guess what?

They have improved, majorly! The eyeshadows are now extremely smooth and so pigmented, and they last, they don't just rub off. I am so pleased because the Sue Moxley range sells some gorgeous looking products, but I have never bought anything else from them because of the palette I had tried.

These eyeshadows remind me of Urban Decay eyeshadows, they are so blendable and smooth and bright and now long lasting. I also have a Shimmer Brick from this brand which is great and I shall be reviewing it soon!

This Palette has four stunning colours, as you can see..

Here are some swatches..

Isn't it pretty? I have a FOTD look coming soon with this palette, I love it!

Sue Moxely is available from Superdrug stores.
This product was sent to me for review consideration, all opinions are honest and mine.


makeupjelena said...

The eyeshadows look gorgeous :-)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

That orange looks pretty! I never bought anything because I swatched some colours in Superdrug and they were pretty...pathetic. I'll have to try again :)

Louise H said...

I got one of the eyeshadow singles recently and I was really impressed

nicoletta said...

I have looked at the new range in superdrug there are some goreous colours x

Sian said...

I always look at this brand but never ever bought, might have a little looky next time i'm in superdrug!

I've given you an award


Leanne said...

Really sorry to be a pain, but if you're in contact with Sue Moxley PR, could you please try and find out which stores it's actually available in? It used to be in a Superdrug about 40 minutes away from me but then it just disappeared about 2 years ago and I've never been able to find it ANYWHERE else!

Unknown said...

Oooh the orange one is gorgeous!

Ms. Wedgie said...

Usually I hate orange...but that colour is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with this palette :)