Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Nail Art..

Hey peoples, this is just something I did while I was at my mums, I wasn't sure about it at first but it got me a few compliments, So I took a picture and thought I would show it..

I just used a black and white nail art pen (The ones with the fine brushes) and I did the stripes in white and added a touch of black under each one, then I added GOSH rainbow on top, and that is all..

It looks quite effective and eye catching, but I need practice to make it neater :)

I hope you are all well, I am back from my Mum's now and I miss her and my sister and doggy already .. Normal blogging will resume soon.


Unknown said...

Ooh very pretty! It sort of looks Art Deco

Cotton said...

blogger really needs a like button- so much easier lol
but i like it :)

Cotton xx