Thursday, August 12, 2010

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Smooth Shine Range >.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure is a haircare range that I have tried before, and was impressed by, So when I was asked if I would like to try their smooth shine shampoo and conditioner, I accepted.

It promises to Cleanses, nourish and smooth unmanageable hair for lasting frizz protection and a mirror-like shine. My hair is naturally curly, and frizzy and can be very dull, so the idea of a shampoo that tackles all of that in one sounded good to me!

The Smooth Shine Shampoo
is a luxurious thick cream that smells really good, all of the Bonacure products that I have used have a really nice scent to them that lasts on the hair until the next wash. When it is massaged in it doesn't foam amazingly, but it is said to have a mild foaming, which cleanses the hair. When I rinsed my hair it feels really smooth, almost smooth enough not to need conditioner, which is not something that happens normally when I wash my hair.

The Smooth Shine Conditioner is thick and creamy like the shampoo and you don't need much to spread it evenly through the hair. It made my hair feel instantly smooth, I left it for a couple of minutes, combed through and rinsed out and was left with silky hair that felt manageable.

I left my hair to dry naturally into curls and was so impressed with the result. It feels so smooth and bouncy, no frizzy fly away bits and a really healthy shine. I would definitely recommend this if, like me, you have curly frizzy hair that can look dull, I feel like it really brightened up my hair and made it looks healthy and much more manageable.

See, looks nice, doesn't it? .. I really, really like these two and am so impressed with the results.

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Stevista said...

Wow your hair looks great! Mine is all wild, so I might try this! :)