Friday, September 24, 2010

» Dry Shampoo + A Lipstick Kiss Hairbrush!

Nude + Gold Shimmer
 Do you use dry shampoo? .. I rely on it pretty much! I always use it inbetween washes so that I don't need to wash my hair quite so often. I recently got sent the *New* Nude Batiste, and The Gold Shimmer one, too.

I have been trying them out for a couple of weeks and I have to say that I really like them both. I normally use the Batiste Tropical because I love the scent, but both of these products are really great too.

The Nude Dry Shampoo comes with a nozzle applicator and is a fine powder that you can apply with your fingers, or directly to the roots. I have to admit, when I saw this I was a bit 'Meh' about it. I thought it would be awkward using a nozzle, and it kind of is..

But I just put the powder in my hands and ruffle it through my roots. It instantly lifts the hair, giving volume and making it look clean and refreshed. It's quite similar to using talcum powder, but this is 100% natural, whereas it's not a great idea to inhale talc. I really like this and will definitely repurchase. This is £3.49 and can be purchased here.

The Spray with Gold Shimmer is literally the same as the normal spray Batiste, but with shimmer. This has a gorgeous scent to it and I like to spritz my roots with it, ruffle with my fingers, leave it for a couple of minutes and then brush it out (using my fancy Denman!). My hair is then left glossy and clean for another day!

However, because this has gold shimmers in it, I wouldn't recommend it for day to day because it is quite visible, especially on my dark hair. It's a very fine gold sheen and it looks lovely, but it's more suitable for a night out in my opinion. This is £2.99 from here.

I couldn't get a good pic of it on my hair, but here is a swatch on my arm..
Batiste Gold Shimmer Shimmerness!

Lastly, but not leastly is the Denman D3 'Kiss Me' brush. This was a total surprise in the package, and is just gorgeous! It's a great brush, as Denman's are. It's perfect for getting through all of the hair (even thick hair like mine) and smoothing it out, and also great for blow drying and back combing.. But of course the thing that makes is special that it is pink and the eye catching pattern all over it, Silver lipstick kisses! .. It is a definite MUST for make up addicts or the perfect gift for someone who loves makeup. I love it, it is so pretty...

Get The Brush for £7.16 HERE.


Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

LOVE the brush, so, so cute! I'm also definitely checking out the nude shampoo. I've been Batiste for literally forever, so it's great to see them doing so well.


Anonymous said...

ohh cute brush,I use loads of dry shampoo...havent tried the gold shimmer one tho xox

mizzworthy said...

I have the nude Batiste and I've been loving it - I kind of like the fact that it serves a different purpose than the spray version, which I use to volumise as well as to degrease!