Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liz Earle : Naturally Active Haircare.

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 We've all heard of Liz Earle, Right? .. Best known for their high quality skincare range.. Well, they have recently brought out a new Botanical Haircare Range and I received some samples to try out.

The Shampoo and Conditioner come in 200ml squeezy upside down tubes, I find these handy to use for the bath or shower and they look nice on the bathroom shelf too.

They compare the Shampoo to their Cleanse & Polish, in that it is suitable for all hair types, Then you just pick the conditioner that best matches your hair type (as you would with the moisturiser in the skincare!) - Clever, huh?!
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So, The shampoo is SLS free and made with West African shea butter, and has vitamin E in it, as well as apple and orange extracts and naturally derived cleansers, to help clean your hair thoroughly. Liz spent some time creating a natural SLS Free shampoo that lathers the way any other shampoo would, It's funny isn't it, but most of us associate a lather with cleaning?!

Well, this shampoo certainly lathers, You need just a small amount for your whole head and it lathers into a lovely rich foam that spells like citrus, I got a lovely fresh orangey smell that lingered on my hair and in my bathroom afterwards!

I have the conditioner for Dry/Damaged hair, because I have thick frizzy hair that is coloured. This is a really thick cream that I saw described as a body butter for the hair somewhere else, and that is exactly what it is like. It smells like the shampoo, and leaves the hair feeling gorgeously smooth and silky. You don't need much of this and I just use it on the length and ends of my hair, as I always do.

I would definitely recommend this range to anyone, it's good for your hair, smells good, is well priced, and is good quality. They are priced at £7.50 a bottle, and if you are not sure if they are for you, you can buy smaller size to try for £4.00, which are also perfect for travel too!

Available from UK.LizEarle.Com.

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