Saturday, September 25, 2010

New GOSH Cosmetics Goodies.

I recently recieved a selection of new gosh goodies from Superdrug to test out and review for you all..

I was sent the following products  ..
  • Intense Lip Colour Gloss (Shades 301 + 302)
  • Brow Kit
  • Bronzing Shimmer Brush
  • Intense Waterproof Mascara
  • Lengthening Two Step Mascara
[I will review the mascara's at a later date..]

So, I want to talk about the glosses first, because these are amazingly lovely and I instantly fell in love with them both! They don't have shade names, just numbers :

The swatches make them look quite similar, but they're not.
301 is a pretty creamy pink colour and 302 is a mauvey nude colour, I wasn't sure I would like 302 but I actually really do! It's great over a nude lipstick, but they are both very pigmented and can be worn alone. My swatches show how pigmented they are with just one swatch. . . The glosses have a small side mirror on the side of the tube and a light inside the lid that you can operate by a small button on the lid. This is super handy for nights out!

The Brow Kit.
The brow kit contains three shades for the brows and a brow wax. I've never used a brow wax, but they definitely work to help keeping your brows in place all day! All three shades are really good shade and I use a mix of the lightest and medium colour for myself, although the dark one will be ideal for stronger looks. It also contains a tiny brush that you can use, but it's too small and I prefer to use my own.

. . .
Bronzy Goodness!
When I saw this I pulled a face, it's one of these that comes pack inside of the brush, then you push a button at the end to dispense the product. The actual product inside is a really nice finely milled bronze shimmer though, and gives a nice glow. The brush isn't the best though, and is a little scratchy.. I was a bit miffed about how to get the lid back on over the brush at first, but there is actually a lip that you pull up over the brush so that you can slide the lid on without ruining the brush. I tried to show what I mean in the picture below.

. . .

This new Impulse body spray was also an unexpected extra in the package and is lovely. It's a lovely refreshing feminine scent, that smells like pink grapefruit and vanilla.

These are the two mascaras which I shall be reviewing in an upcoming post! :)
All of the above products are available from Superdrug online and instore.
Thank You For Reading! 
x x ..Sophie..  x x


pixie81 said...

Those glosses look lovely. I've never tried anything from GOSH before! I need to look out for the body spray cuz i am a sucker for impulse!

Louise H said...

those glosses look gorgeous x

Lima said...

Ooof, super excited about the brow kit. Many drugstore brands don't bother with eyebrow shaping. Hurray to GOSH! xx

Stevista said...

Awww nice stuff! :) I like the colors of the lipglosses! :)

Unknown said...

The glasses are amaze-balls! :)