Friday, September 03, 2010

Revlon 'Grow Luscious' Mascara.

Here we have the latest mascara offering from Revlon, Their 'Grow Luscious' Mascara, with Fabulash. This promises to enhance your lashes and to help with improving and conditioning your lashes, making them stronger, as well as complementing your natural lash growth. It's not an actual lash growth product, but instead a mascara that has goodness in it to help your natural lashes, as you wear it.
How Huge?!

It comes with a MAHOOSIVE brush that give long lush volumised lashes. I'll admit, I freaked when I saw the size of the brush, it's bigger than benefits' 'Bad Gal' brush, and that's big. This is like the Bad Boy!
Revlon Fabulash Brush                                     Benefit Bad Gal Brush
Anyway, as a mascara I really like how it performs. It took a while to get ussed to the brush, just because I am used to a smaller brush - But it really does give me nice looking long luscious lashes. It's a intense black in colour, and the formula is just perfect for me, it's not too wet, not too dry, just a nice consistency that dries quickly. It lasts all day with no flaking too.

Without Mascara                                                                     One coat of Grow Luscious

I think it has made quite a difference, Sorry about the messy application. My lashes on the outer corner seem to be all over the place!
Two Coats of Fabulash.
What do you think? I found it was starting to clump after two coats, so I personally wouldn't go for any more. I really like this mascara, and it is the one I am reaching for the most at the moment. To be honest I am very excited to see if I notice any difference to the condition of my lashes after a couple of months use. 

I'll let you know if I do!
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara is available from Boots for £9.99.
This was sent to me for review consideration.


Irene Blushing Loves said...

It looks amazing!!Your lashes looks enormous with one coat!Thanks for the swatches and the review!!!

Stephanie C. said...

wow, your lashes look amazing! i've been reading lots of good reviews about this product lately- they're definitely changing my initial thoughts of it.

Anonymous said...

wow loving the lashes i'm still using the falsies one that i'm totally in love with

Becky said...

I've got to say, I've not been a fan of Revlon mascara but this doesn't look too bad.