Tuesday, October 12, 2010

» Blink + Go False Eyelashes!

Recently I was sent some lashes (more like a truck load!) to review and today I finally bit the bullet and got them out.

I love false lashes and how they can alter ones appearance and give a really glam look, but to be honest I wasn't that confident with them, I never have been. I can put them on someone else, no worries, but on myself.. different story!

Until today that is.. The application pretty much went like a dream, Yay!.. I think that's because these lashes are quality, and not the 20p a pair ebay cheap acrylic feeling plastic lashes that you can get.. Oh no, these feel natural and soft and lovely and they are flexible and I put them on so easily..

Oh!.. You wanna see more of what they look like?.. Ok!
As you can probably tell, I got a little snap happy, but look at them, they are fabulous! These are 'Heartbreaker #1' Lashes and in the packaging they screamed *Drag Queen* .. But being quite fond of drag queens I kinda gravitated towards these, and they do not disappoint!

I know they're not your every day lash, but they make me feel very glam and I can't wait to don them for a night out soon.. Maybe even at Halloween! :) .. I have lots of other pairs that I will show you as I wear them, some are more natural, and some have pretty sparklies on them too!

All Blink + Go strip lashes are £8.95 per pair and you can find more info about them and how to purchase them on their website. They also have a range of make up too, which I'll have a review of coming very soon.

What do you think of these lashes, Dragtastic, No? ..


Juliemck said...

WOW! These are actually perfect for my halloween costume! Thank you so much for posting!


Sian said...

Hello lashes! They're amazing!


Stina said...

Wow they are amazing..
So totally mega huge, love them..
I have quite a few false lashes to try, never get round to it, must do ASAP xx