Monday, October 25, 2010

» Girls With Attitude Lashes and a Make up Look!

Recently I received a little package with some Girls With Attitude goodies in. Today I want to talk about the 'Shorties' lashes, and these are called Velvet Passion. They are very thick black lashes that are a natural length that flick out in a cat like shape at the outter edge of the eye.

The lashes are really glam looking, but I like how they are not over the top, or too long! These could definitely be worn during the day with more natural make up, or for an evening out with a bright look, as I have done below :
....I should have curled my lashes .. Oops!
 The lashes come with a small tube of glue, and to my surprise a small brush to help you apply the glue to the lash with.. I got a separate tube of lash glue from this same company (Review soon!), so I never used the little glue or brush that came with the lashes, but let me tell you .. the little brush that comes with the glue is awesome! It is such a fine bristled brush that it is now my new gel eyeliner brush. .
See how thin! .. It is perfect for liner.. I lined my eyes for this look with it..

Some more pictures of the lashes and the look ...
Velvet Passion Lashes are £5.00 and available here. Why not take a look at the whole range of lashes on the website, they have a wide variety!


Julianne said...

Oooh, I really like the way these look.

Sara said...

Love it! Very pretty look! :)

Unknown said...

i really like those - must go and purchase some xxxx