Saturday, October 23, 2010

» NEW Eyeko Fat Balms!

These dropped through my letterbox yesterday, totally unexpectedly. Thanks Eyeko!..
Say hi to the new fatbalms from Eyeko .. Aren't they just lovely!
I was sent 'Minty' and 'Cherry' .. both of which I love already.

Eyeko Says :
"Slicks of juicy colour, infused with light reflecting particles, moisturising Jojoba oil and added SPF15 make for fuller, softer, sexier lips. Add a hint of colour and shine as you protect and hydrate your kisser! Dab on to cheeks to for a touch of blush."

Oh, how I love a muti use product! :) Don't you?

Let's start with Cherry, a gorgeous red stain that gives your lips a lovely red berry stain. This tastes delicious is sooo well pigmented for a lip balm. This makes a really nice blusher shade to, such a nice deep red *Flushed* look!
Next up, is Minty. As the name suggests it is a minty flavour, it actually feels soothing and cooling on the lips, like some of those plumpers do. This is a really pretty girlie pink shade which is a sheer shimmer rather than a heavy coverage, on the cheeks it would be the perfect highlighter.. I think I love this one the most.. but I love Cherry too, I can't decide!
These are really nice and handy and I definitely recommend them. They are both moisturising, contain SPF 15 to protect your pout and they are just too cute, and only £6.00 each! You can buy them online now, right here. They have a whole selection of lovely flavours too! 
Hurry though, they are Limited Edition!

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