Friday, October 01, 2010

A Very Special Aussie Prize Package!

Remember this? .. It seems like forever ago doesn't it?

Well, my prize for that competition was going to be a day with a Makeup artist (Nic of Pixiwoo), following them around and learning some stuff from them.. However, due to other commitments she had to pull out.

Then I was informed by Aussie that they would arrange something else with another makeup artist, which was fine.. I was invited along to London one day, but I only had a couple of days notice and could not make it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, between us we recently decided that I would be given a special prize instead, which I was more than happy with as it just seemed like everything was against us.

I got my prize yesterday and I am sooo chuffed with what I was sent. It seems like the Aussie team really put thought into what they got for me, because they are all things I love/want/need! :)

This is my signature scent, I have been wearing it since I was 18 and I love it.. How did they know that? I am impressed, I love it soo much, it smells divine!
Look at this gorgeous little brush holder! It's really dainty and vintage-y looking. It's really cute and looks lovely on my makeup table.. I was only saying recently how I wanted new storage for brushes!
I was bowled over by these!! They had taken the time to find out what I liked and knew that I am like the biggest EVER fan on True Blood, and so they got me the set of books. I have been lemming these for some time and I am sooooooo excited to own them! :)
How lucky am I? .. Sleek prize one day, and this the next. Thank you SO much to all the girls over at Aussie. I love everything and am overwhelmed that you sent me things you knew I would love.

Thank You For Reading! 
x x ..Sophie..  x x


Dani said...

Aww that's so lovely! Really makes me happy when I hear how brands take the time to think about their customers :) Enjoy your prizes! xx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Aw, how lovely! Luck is on your side - I suspect it's time to buy a lottery ticket :P

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

aww so you must be so happy :0

Anonymous said...

aww gorgeous wow. xox

Computergirl said...

Great prizes! I need to read those books! That brush holder looks gorgeous!
Emma x

Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

awww some lovely thoughtful prizes there! :)

Welldone you.

Fee x