Saturday, October 02, 2010

You Sexy Mother Pucker!

Have any of you tried the sexy mother pucker lip glosses from Soap and Glory before? .. If not, I seriously suggest that you do, because they are addictive! I have been a fan of them for a few years, aslong with many other S&G products. They are such a fun quirky brand!

This is one of their newer shades that was recently sent to me. It's called 'Yummy Plum' and it's a lovely berry/plum colour that tastes of Raspberry Chocolate, It's really divine!

This range of glosses are supposed to have a plumping effect, and apparently on application the super fill micro spheres plumps your lips up to 10x more.. I think that is probably an over statement, but I do think that this does give the appearance of fuller lips!

I love how these glosses feel on the lips.. I have met people who don't like it and find it weird, but I personally love it. It kind of feels like your lips are buzzing when it sinks into your lips. It's a truly bizarre but nice feeling.

This gloss is a gorgeous colour, and it tastes good. I would recommend if you are intrigued and interested in trying a decently priced plumping (and buzzing) gloss, check the S&G ones out!

  :: Lip Swatches ::
What do you think? .. I see a slight difference :)

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Unknown said...

I've been thinking about trying these but I have quite full lips so don't think I'd see much difference. Still might one day try just out of curiousity :D

Stevista said...

the name is hilarious lol ! :) too bad S&G doesn't ship to Greece!

Real Girls Beauty said...

Hi! I love soap and glory but I just can't get away with sexy mother pucker - it stings my lips too much!

I've just started my blog -
Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Zoe x

Ava said...

I tried the testers of those in the store, but i tought they smelled a bit weird. But if they are so good in lips maybe i should try them out. ^^

(btw my blog is :)

Sheefa F said...

I see a difference too! I love this gloss :)

Kate said...

I've not tried any S&G make up bits before but they seem to be expanding their range, the glosses look very pretty :)
Kat x Click&Make-Up