Sunday, November 28, 2010

»Extreme Liner & Lashes!

 New from Collection 2000 is their 'Extreme' Range, which includes some 24 hour eye liners in various colours, and some coloured mascara.

Above are the eye liners, which apparently last for 24 hours. I was very excited about these, as I do love a felt tip eye liner, they are so easy to use and convenient .. I can honestly say that these are excellent. They are pigmented, really strongly coloured, and long lasting (Not sure about 24 hrs, I never wear it for that long!) .. Here are my swatches :
I love these! They nib of the pen is so fine and these liners are easy to create a thick of fine line with.The liner lasts all day on me, until I remove it .. and getting these swatches off my hand took a while too!
* * *
I also tried a couple of the mascaras, one in teal, and one in black. I like the bright packaging, which shows which colour the mascara is, and I also the  the brush on these, the way it curves inwards at the ends ensures that it gets to all lashes, even the ones you don't know are there. The formula is nice, is thick, and dries fast. I would say this is more voluminous that lengthening, but I'm ok with that.
 Here it is, black on top lashes, teal on the bottom.. Sorry for the shoddy picture!

  The coloured mascara is nice and pigmented, but the black is nothing special, and I have tried much better black mascaras really (like my all time fave, max factor false lash effect!). I definitely recommend the liners though. Collection 2000 is a very reasonably priced brand, available from Superdrug online, and instores.

So, there you have it.. :) Have you tried any of these, Thoughts?
Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx
PR Samples from Superdrug.


Louise - Freckled Elle said...

I like the pens too, but they stain like mad (Review done a few days ago)
Haven't yet reviewed the mascaras but I find the formula too drying x

liketreasure said...

the liners look fantastic! x

Unknown said...

Yeah, the liners are deffo long lasting! I prefer a drier mascara formula, so I like this. It doesn't do much for my lashes though really :)

Ziggalicious said...

It may be my screen, but the black liner kinda looks brownish to me?

Ziggalicious said...

Yhis may be my screen, but the black liner looks kinda brownish to me?

Unknown said...

I never noticed, but upon closer inspection, it does slightly look brown. I'm not sure why though, it isn't. The lighting obviously makes it look brown I guess? x

Crissylex said...

I want these eyeliners soooo badly. I'm trying to find them in the SuperDrug website but no luck yet. Hopefully, they will have it up soon. Can't wait. Thanks very much for your review.