Wednesday, November 03, 2010

» 'Fish' hair products ♥.

What a misleading title that could be, huh? .. Trust me, there is nothing fishy about these products, at all!

Fish for girls is a haircare range I have been trying these out for the past couple of weeks and I have to say, they are lovely. The packaging is bright, girly and eye catching and the products are great.
Fish Hairdressing is a salon in Soho. 

"With over 20 years of salon expertise the Fish styling team has bottled its trade secrets to create a range of new exciting essentials to tame tresses and leave us with heavenly hair no matter what our style, length or budget.

In uber cool retro packaging, these new styling sizzlers look and smell sensational, bringing a professional styling team into the home these funky products are a must for every girl’s bathroom cabinet."

The Swish Fish Silky Smoothing Cream is amazing, it is a thick consistency and you apply this to wet hair before blow drying / straightening and it leaves you hair feel so silky and smooth with no fly away hairs. My hair was able to with-stand the damp and cold without turning to frizz with this product on my hair. 

You can also use a tiny amount after styling to smooth out the hair and add some shine. A big plus with this is also that is protects the hair from the heat that you use on it too! The smell of this is honestly gorgeous, very sweet and coco-nutty and it lingers until you wash your hair again, and it lingers on your hands for hours too. I go around all day sniffing them :)

The Star Fish Shine Spray is a fine mist that adds a stunning glossy shine to your tresses. I'm not normally one for shine spray, but I love to use this after straightening with the smoothing cream, it makes my hair look so healthy and like I have just walked out of the salon. It just adds a lovely glow and smells divine too.

Fresh Fish Dry Shampoo (What a name!) was the product I was really excited to try. I am a dry shampoo addict in-between washes and I could not wait to see how this worked. I am pleased to report that it does the job, and does it well. It smells really fresh and leaves my hair looking fresh and clean, while adding some volume too! Thumbs up from me :)

I have really enjoyed using these products and I can't wait to explore the range some more. It is available from boots stores, or online. I would suggest looking in a store though, as they don't have the full range online. You can check out the products here on the Fish website too.

Thank you for reading. Sophie. xx


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