Tuesday, November 23, 2010

» Girls With Attitude - Fake Tattoo's, Nail Art & More!

The last of the girls with attitude goodies that I was sent were some false nails, fake tattoos and nail art stickers.
These are the nails, sorry for the lack of good images, I am out of practice with false nails and some of them looked a little wonky after my late night application. They are lovely though, aren't they? .. They lasted me for five days before I got fed up and pinged them off. I love the design though, they look so elegant.
£5.00 from here.

The nail stickers and tattoos are great, and would make perfect stocking filler gifts. The stickers are great for sticking on after you have painted your nails, to jazz them up. It looks like you have made an effort when you haven't really! Make sure you paint a clear topcoat over the top and they will last for days!

The tattoos are fab, but didn't last that long to be honest. My little sister (who is 14 and wants a tattoo) would like these, because they are grown up cool designs, rather than silly childish ones that come in a bubblegum. I did use a couple of these, but they didn't even last two days before they wore off.
I used one on the side of my hand (a'la Cheryl Cole) and I love it, I want a really tattoo there. This lasted about a day and it started to wear away.. (Bearing in mind because it was on my hand It would have rubbed away when I was putting my hands in my pockets, etc..)

The nail stickers cost £2.50 - and the tattoos are only £3, and you get two sheets, so a bargain!
So check out the website, everything is so cutely packaged, and the lashes are fab! At the moment it's free delivery on everything and you save 25% on orders of £10 and above, but be quick, It's for a limited time only! (Until December 11th) You can also follow them on twitter @Girls_Attitude where they have giveaways!
Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx


liketreasure said...

the first set of nails are my favourite thing here, they're gorgeous!x

Sarah said...


I LOVE your blog! It's nice to see a follow english blogger doing so well.

It would be great if you could check out/follow my blog, I'm new to the blogging world and I need some help!


Keep up the good work lovely!


Claire said...

I spy dusky mauve, did you finally get it?

Unknown said...

Yes Claire I did :)