Thursday, November 04, 2010

» GOSH Mascaras.


Do you remember a while ago when I reviewed some of the newer products to hit the GOSH counter? Well at the end of that post I promised a further post on the mascara's, and so here it is ..

First up is the GOSH Intense Lashes Waterproof. I'm not one for waterproof mascara because I hate how hard they are to remove. But now I have a remover than works on them I don't mind. This mascara is just 'nice', it didn't really wow me, It lengthened my lashes a little, but didn't make much of a big difference.It is buildable and does add more volume with more coats, but be careful as it can start to become clumpy. As for the waterproof-ness, it definitely is, I did a few tests with water and it didn't budge until I used my botantics eye make up remover.

One coat of intense lashes waterproof.
* * *
Next us is the 2 step lengthening serum mascara. This had a serum that you apply before the mascara, The serum is said to condition, prime and improve the lashes over time, Like so many promise to at the moment. I prefer this mascara to the first, the results were more noticeable. The serum is nice, but it takes a while to dry which is annoying when you are waiting to apply the mascara. But as I say, the effects are good and I have been reaching for this one more. The formula is really black and not too wet (on the mascara) and is didn't flake off or smudge throughout the day. I can't say I have noticed any condition change in my lashes from the serum really, but I haven't used this religiously.

After one coat. Nice and lengthening - Second coat adds volume.
Both of these mascaras are available from superdrug instore or online and are priced around £8 each. 

Thank you for reading. Sophie. xx

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Anonymous said...

i have the gosh waterproof one and i love it, its the best waterprooof i have tried for a long time.

I think i did a review as well saying how much i liked it not so long ago. xox

๋‚˜๋‹ˆ said...

I think the two-step one looks a lot better. I've been wavering as to whether I should try waterproof, but I finally found a technique that doesn't break my lashes and still makes them nice and curly, so I don't think I'll bother getting waterproof.

Stevista said...

The 2 step one looks better! :) They both have cute packaging though!! :)