Wednesday, November 24, 2010

H2o Sea Pure Skincare.

I have recently been testing out this skincare range by H2o which is a natural range with sea-sourced nutrients proven to hydrate, repair and revitalize the skin.

My First Impressions : The packaging is nice, it is good quality and looks good in the bathroom :) The labels are clear and precise and there were clear instructions with everything so that it was clear how to use them. The scent of all of the products is the same, it has a very fresh citrus (orange) smell that is very refreshing.

The Products : The Creamy Facial Cleanser : comes in a squeezy tube, and is a very thick, rich lotion. You only need a small glob to cover your face and neck. This stuff feels so smoothing, it smells so fresh and my favourite part is how well it lathers! With my Clarisonic I worked up a lovely lather with this, and it left my skin feeling squeaky clean and looking bright.

The Renewing Prep Tonic : is just fab! I love how it is packaged, it has a pump at the top, so there is no risk what so ever of pouring out too much. This is extremely soothing to the skin and instantly cools and refreshes my face after cleansing. It really brightens and hydrates my skin without drying it out at all.

The Gentle Refining Polish : is a lovely smooth cream with a gentle exfoliant, it's not overly harsh on the skin but it has enough grains in it so give the skin a good clean and leaves it feeling smooth and free of any dry skin. I only use this twice a week because my Clarisonic exfoliates my face, but it is nice.

The Deep Moisture Cream : a lovely thick gel like consistency that feels instantly soothing. This is very rich and deeply moisturising, a little too much for my already oily skin unfortunately. It leaves the skin hydrated and plump looking. It will be perfect for anyone with dry skin .. I am waiting got the harsher colder weather, and then this may come in handy.

The Perfecting Eye Cream : love this! It's like the moisturiser in that is is a cooling gel like consistency, it's quite rich and sinks is quickly leaving the sensitive eye area looking brighter and less puffy. You can feel this working, it instantly soothes and brightens the area, and soaks in so fast that you can apply concealer, etc, right away.

This is a lovely high quality skincare range that I would recommend and there are a few stand out products in here that I am addicted to right now. The scent is lovely, the products are quality, They contain mostly natural ingredients, and they are suitable for all skin types.

Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx

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Wooow, this sounds nice. I am going to check out the website.