Wednesday, November 17, 2010

» In's and Outs!

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It has been a while since I have blogged, or atleast it feels that way. My reason for this is that I haven't been myself. If you follow me on twitter, you will be aware that I had a dreaded dentists appointment on Monday just gone. I am scared of the dentist, like big time fearful, and I'm not sure why. But I am on a quest to have my teeth fixed and to start going regularly to the dentist, and that means a bit of pain ....

So, I had joined this dentist a few weeks ago and he told me what needed doing, and I knew I had to have an extraction on a broken tooth at the back on my mouth that was un-savable! The said tooth was broken almost down to my gumline, and I was fretting over how the hell he was going to get it out of my mouth..

With 20 minutes of what felt like hacking inside my mouth.. he had to snap the roots inside my mouth and then use all kinds of instuments to remove it.. I feel woozy just thinking about it.. You don't need details anyway.. but suffice to say that once the anaesthetic wore off, I was in pain. I can't eat, or do much at the moment, even talking is a strain, much to my BF's joy!

So, I thought I would do a little in's and out's post for you.. Maybe the positives will perk me up a bit.. I've been feeling so down in the mouth as you can imagine..!


- Kind people who genuinely care, you know who you are, and thanks. :)

- My lovely boyfriend, for looking after me.. It's his birthday today and I made him go out for drinks without me, because I am not up to it. He didn't wanna go, bless him! 

-  Tumblr, I love it. I just love to post pictures of anything that I like.. It's good old random fun, My link is in the sidebar.

-  Take That & Robbie back together, I love it, I love them! Now all I need is tickets to see the tour. I'm not digging the new album much at the moment though. P'raps it'll grow on me.

- Receiving packages in the post! Love it :) I got some nice stuff today that cheered me up!


-  The obvious. Dentists and having a hurting mouth :(   

- Not being able to speak, drink, or eat properly because of the above.

- Seeing yummy treats in the fridge and not being able to eat them either!

- Saltwater mouth rinse, to help with the healing. Ugh! Gotta be done though.

- Breaking nails, Boo! :(

-  Living on painkillers and feeling drowsy lots.
 Well, most of my negatives are to do with my mouth.. The positives make me feel happy.. Now, if only I could crack a smile!
Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx


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