Friday, November 12, 2010

Lash Loving! » Girls With Attitude!

I was recently sent some products from Girls With Attitude, and included in my surprise package were two pairs of eyelashes. I did a recent post of the first pair here, and now I wanted to talk about the other pair, and my favourite of the two pairs. These are the Wild and Flirty lashes and they are £5 from the Girls With Attitude Website.

From my picture you can see that they have a very thin lash band, which means they are easy to apply and really flexible. This is what makes me love these lashes so much, they are just so easy to apply and there is no struggle in trying to hide a lash band because they look natural. I love how they wing out at the edge too.

 See what I mean? They look natural, but dramatic at the same time. I am in love with these! The quality is great and they can be reused too, if you look after them well..

All girls with attitude lashes do come with a small tube of adhesive, which is ok if you are just wearing them for a one off - I however wanted a separate tube, what with becoming a lash addict at the moment.

I have been using the girls with attitude lash adhesive, which also only costs £5, and is absolutely brilliant! This stuff lasts and keeps your lashes in place ALL day once it has dried. It comes with a small brush applicator for ease of use and is white in colour but dries clear. It's also hypo allergenic and latex free. How good is that?.. Definitely check out this site for reasonable priced glam lashes for the party season!

All Girls With Attitude products are available from their website, and also from Boots and Superdrug.
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๋‚˜๋‹ˆ said...

I love the more spiky looks for lashes.. I think 'natural' lashes might as well just not be made at all. It's pointless! I LOVE THE DRAMA : D If it wasn't for my AMAZING Shu Uemura lash curler, I'd still be hating on my lashes tho, so thank god I don't need the lashes anymore. So much time I spent on puttin on lashes.. No need for that no more : D YAY!

Abbie said...

I tried massive lashes from the Girls Attitude before and I looked ridiculous but those look lovely and natural!

Anonymous said...

Those lashes look great on :)
For anyone that's not checked out the site, they're doing 25% off when you spend over £10 + free delivery. Bargain!

Kelly said...

These look really good

Isabel said...

Oo.. the e/s you used here is so pretty.. Love the sparkle

Chloe said...

Looks fab, love you<3