Wednesday, November 10, 2010

» Liz Earle Botanical Essence.

To me, Liz Earle are most famous for their amazing skincare, I never actually realised that they had a fragrance too. I was recently sent a bottle of their award winning fragrance to try out, and here are my thoughts.. (I'm not sure at how great I am at describing a scent!..)

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No1 is a stunning burst of fresh feminine fragrance that lasts for the whole day, This stuff really does smell seriously good. For me it is one of my favourite scents in a long time, and I am quite fussy about what perfumes I like and don't like.

The packaging is really lovely, the box is sturdy and pulls out at the side like a little drawer, and the bottle is quite heavy and made from thick glass. It feels and looks classy. It is recommended that you keep the perfume stored in it's little box in a cool dark place when you are not using it to preserve it's life span.

So anyway ... Botanical Essence No 1 is made from 98% natural ingredients and includes lavender from France, damask rose from Turkey, Italian bergamot and spicy patchouli from Indonesia. The initial scent for me when I spritz it on it a light citrus scent, but once it has settled there is a more light musky scent that comes through. It has a very light and refreshing smell, perfect for daytimes or evenings.

The scent lasts on me for about 8 hours before it begins to wear off, and you only need the smallest amount. When I wear this perfume I feel grown up, I feel like it is a woman's perfume, and it makes me feel mature, in a good way, it's a sophisticated feminine fragrance and a definite new favourite of mine.

I have had a few comments from friends in the past week since I have been wearing this daily, all positive comments too. I am sure they will be adding this to their Christmas lists!

I would definitely recommend this perfume to anyone, I personally don't see that anyone could not like it , but I know that we're all different. With it's almost all natural ingredients, it smells great and with Christmas coming up it will make the perfect gift :)

Available to purchase online, or in Liz Earle stores.
Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx
PR Sample.


Anonymous said...

It sounds real nice. I love how it looks, the bottle is elegant!

Unknown said...

Love the bottle.Will look out for this.Thanks Sophie xx

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

i love liz earle , i would love to try this one :)