Monday, November 22, 2010

» MUA Budget Range!

I am sure that most of you have probably seen numerous posts about the budget MUA range from Superdrug, most of you have probably tried it out already, but I'm really behind, ok! :) MUA (Make Up Academy) is a brand that has a range in Superdrug where every item is only £1.

I have been trying some of their goodies out for the past few weeks though, and today I want to talk about them and what I think.

Firstly, I remember when the MUA brand was sold in TJ Hughes, I had some of their eyeshadow quads, glitter liners, a blusher and lipstick.It was ok, but I wasn't overly impressed. It seems that they have now redesigned the packaging and everything, so I was interested to see what it was like now.

Firstly, I have seven on the eyeshadows. The first four are 'Pearl' which are shimmery, and the bottom three are matt shades.

I like the 'Pearl' finish eyeshadows, the pigmentation for £1 is impressive. The matt shades however were a little disappointing with quite poor pay off. They are very sheer and powdery, and sadly they didn't last for long.

 Next up are a couple of the lip glosses, these are really nice! They are pigmented, they smell sweet and are not too sticky. I am definitely wanting to try some more colours of the glosses, take a look :
See the pretty shimmers in shade 2? Love it!

Last up, and something else that impressed me loads in the liquid eye liners. The packaging is good, and the colour pay off is amazing. Once they are dry they do not budge easily, These are a sure winner! The only thing you have to wait a little longer for, is when you apply them they take a little longer than most to dry, but when they are dry, they are good.

How gorgeous is shade 3? .. It's a current fave! :)

So that's my lot for now.. I want to try some more glosses and shimmer eyeshadows. The quality of everything is really impressive for £1 per item, But I would probably skip the matt eyeshadows, they just didn't show up or last well on me.

So you have any MUA recommendation's?

Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx
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Cydonian said...

Shade 3 of the liquid liner is -gorgeous-, wow! I have all of those pearl eyeshadows and love them, too! The light green is very unique and pretty. I just wish they would name their stuff, you know? lol

Sophie said...

Thanks for this review. I'm glad you mentioned the differences between the pearl and matte shades, I will know not to by them now ;)


Yu said...

I have the pearl eyeshadow in Shade 9 which is like a chrome purple and it's REALLY pretty, but I've never used it.. LOL. I love the look of No.13! Also, stay away from the glittery lipsticks.. they are like ones that little kids play with! The matte ones are really nice though :)

JL said...

The pearl shadows are gorgeous! I have a few and I love them. You should try's a duo chrome shade that I've been told is a good dupe for MAC's Club e/s

Stevista said...

Shade 9 in the eyeshadows is amazing, you should check it out ;) Wow that bronzey eyeliner is the bomb!! Who would expect such a color from a 1 pound brand? :)


Muffy said...

I'm really impressed with MUA. I have most of the pearl shades and they are fantastic quality for the price. I echo what others have said about Shade 9 - it's gorgeous.

I was put off the eyeliners because I bought the black one and it was watery, but Shade 3 looks beautiful.

I would recommend the lipsticks, though like MakeYuUp said, not the glittery ones so much. I wore one of the mattes the other day (Shade 2, I think - plum kind of colour) and it stayed on for longer than one of my 'long lasting' lippies.
I also like the nail varnishes, though the bottle are quite small. But you can't really complain for £1.

Chloe said...

i recommed the matt black! its perfect for setting eyeliner :) xx

Unknown said...

Try the lipsticks- they're amazing! xx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

The 'Shade 3' liquid eyeliner is gorgeous! I have eyeshadows in 12, 19 and 16, too. I love 12 - it looks fab layered over black. 19 is my HG eyebrows fille shade, I use it every day :) Not found a use for 16 yet, though - far too chalky!

liketreasure said...

I love MUA, I have all the liquid eyeliners and love them, and a couple eyeshadows, and a lipgloss and a lipstick. It would appear I'm on my way to having everything! haha :) xx

Nats said...

The matte lipsticks are lovely, ESPECIALLY no11! And they smell fantastic as well! Although I can say that I won't recommend the nail varnishes, they chip after a couple of hours, so they're more miss than hit xx

The Editor said...

i have Shade 9 too and I absolutely adore it! it is suuuuper pretty!

xXMaNdAXx said...

i've been hearing loads about the MUA range! All products look amazing.. too bad for the matte shadows though :< well everything can't be perfect right for just 1pound lol. I'd love to try the range but its only available in the UK i guess ;(