Monday, November 08, 2010

» Primark FTW !!

Yes indeed. I know that Primark is a bit hit and miss, I admit that, but when they get it right it's great, because for a bargain price, you get something fab!..

Take this brush for instance, It's around £2.00 (or so) and is amazing! It's soft, dense, washes amazingly well and best of all, it's purple! For the price it is outstanding, and I love to use this with my mineral powder, it really feels velvety on the skin.

The bristles are a little bit flimsy and the brush isn't as dense as it could be, but it is dense enough to buff in your powder foundation. I have no complaints, it doesn't even shed, It's fabulous!
It's love for me, I think it is fabulous! I also love their duo foundation / concealer brush too, which is pink! :)

Have you found any great finds in Primark? Tell me about them!

Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx


DaisyBee said...

I had a really great little french manicure set from primark once, will have to check out the brushes! x

Louise H said...

I really want that brush mine never seems to have it tho

Lucie said...

Hi Sophie,
You can try the elastic band trick to make it denser. If you wrap it round the middle it pushes the bristles in.
Still can't wait to try out Primani make up range when I'm back in the UK. xxx

Chloe said...

i have this in pink! i love it, takes aaaaages to dry after washing though!
i bought a massive pearl necklace that was £5, and i got it down to £2! ive seen similar in topshop for £15+! bargain :D

Muffy said...

Wow, that looks great!

I once bought some eye dusts in Primark, there were two in a set and they were on sale from £1 or £2 to 50p - so they were 25p each. The colours are really opaque and a nice texture.
I also bought some metallic eyeliners which were pretty good too. x

♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

I have never thought to look at their brush range. Not keen on the colour though but for that price I should not complain!

Yu said...

I love their Little Glow Cheek block bronzer - it's such a good glowy blush! It's like a dupe of Bobbi Brown, and it's £1.50 :)

Camilla said...

yeeees. i bought this one last month.
but is pink :)

Stevista said...

A soft brush that's purple too? Great! :) Btw do you play WoW or something like that? lol


Unknown said...

:) It's a fab brush!..

WoW? What's that, lol? x

Stevista said...

It's World of Warcraft and the players of that game use the phrase FTW a loooot, that's why I asked! ;) x

Anonymous said...

what does FTW mean? xx

Unknown said...

'For The Win' Google will always tell you :)