Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sleek Make Up » Good Girl / Bad Girl Palettes.

If you know me and are a frequent reader of my blog or watcher of my videos, then you will know what a Sleek Make up addict I am.. I love their products, especially the palettes, and I collect them all :)

So as you can imagine, I was very excited to see two new palettes released this month.

The Good Girl & Bad Girl Palette :

As you can see then come in a cardboard sleeve, I like the sleeves, and think they make it a little more eye catching than just the palette alone. The palettes have 12 eyeshadows in each and are priced £5.99, available from Superdrug stores, or from the Sleek Make up website. Another change with these Palette's is that inside there is a plastic sheet that covers the shadows, and they have names.. individual colour names, I'm happy about this and I hope they continue doing it.

So, onto the palettes, we'll start with Good Girl.
So, the good girl palette consists of pinks, corals and reds, as well as a couple of lighter shades. This palette is very pretty and I am pleased to own it, because I don't own many vibrant pink eye shadows. All of the shades are very pigmented and have a shimmer to them. This palette is also could to use for blush, but go steady, as they really are intensely pigmented! (This is a Limited Edition Palette.)

Here is the Bad Girl palette.
Gorgeous init? .. This is definitely my favourite of the two, because I just love to wear dark dramatic make up looks! All of the shades are very pigmented, of course as always. The shades range from pale highlighters to dark blues and purples. A few of these colours are not so shimmery either, which I like about it. I just love Obnoxious & Rebel. I did a look with Obnoxious the other day, it's so vibrant. Some have said this is similar to the graphite palette, and maybe it is a bit, but I am pleased to own them both! (This palette is not limited edition. Yay!)

What do you guys think of the Sleek Make Up Palettes, do you own them? What is your all time fave palette of theirs? I love Storm :) But of course I love them all!

Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx
These Palettes Were Provided For Review.


Katie said...

do you know sleek online is 50% off everything for the next 12 hrs!


Lima said...

I only own the Storm palette. I'm now leaning towards buying Bad Girl. :) x

Julianne said...

I have yet to get my hands on these, very excited to see them in the flesh. I think my favourite palette is Graphite, as it's all silvers and purples and blacks, and I'm a bit goth!

Abbie said...

Storm is my favourite - I wanted to buy another one today but the Sleek website has really done my nut in!
Bad girl looks lovely... but I don't understand Good Girl, why you would need that many pinks for? x

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to purchase them. They have 50% off today and there's so many people placing orders that the page is constantly breaking down! awgh... :/ but I hope I'll finally get it all :)

Dee said...

I ordered these when they became available on the site, but I haven't received them yet because I'm in Australia and customs seems to be going crazy checking all my packages lately (they must think I'm some kind of drug smuggler!). I can't wait to get my mitts on them - I have the Original and Storm and I love them to death. :-)

By the way, I just discovered your blog and your youtube recently when I was googling around for Clarisonic reviews, and I'm really enjoying reading/watching your reviews. You come across as very personable. :-)

xXMaNdAXx said...

love the good girl palette! but I think the colours are really bright to use as an eyeshadow. would love to try it though xoxo

๋‚˜๋‹ˆ said...

I'll probably go for the Bad Girl palette (cause I'm the baddest hoe on the blooock - orsomethinglikethat/not) lol. Props to you, if u got the Tila reference. ANYWAY.. I really can't pull off pinks that well.. I think I look stupid.. Darker colors, dark browns/grays and purples look much better. I have hazel eyes anyway.. ^^v

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your comments! I am aware of the 50% off thing, but I have heard it's slowing the site down and stuff. Luckily for me, I own everything that I want from Sleek (for now!) .. Otherwise I would be all over the half off sale :)

The Palette's are lovely :) Deffo try them if y'all can xx

Unknown said...

i'm so jealous!
i've been wanting to try sleek.
but i live half way across the globe and i've nv seen it sold in my country. ):

enjoy your sleek goodies babe! (:
and keep the reviews coming! i love reading them!

Stevista said...

They both look so pretty Sophie! :) I think I managed to place an order during their 50% off sale, so I'm really excited! :D


rebelsea said...

my choice bad girl palette. good girl very pink =) i did not like :S