Monday, November 01, 2010

» Some More Liz Earle Loving!

Y'all know by now that I am a fan on Liz Earle. Since trying their skincare regime a few months ago, and then their SLS free haircare range I have been hooked!

So I have been trying a few more goodies, and here's what!

I wanted a new eye cream and the Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair one sounded fab, with it's triple goodness of SPF 10, conceals dark circles and smooths fine lines. This can be used on the eyes, forehead(?) and around the mouth too, Random I know! .. I love the texture of it, it's quite thick but melts into the skin immediately. It leaves my under eyes feeling smoothed but I'm not sure I saw a great deal of concealing, more of a slight brightening effect. I use it at the corners of my mouth too, It soaks in so fast and I love that you can apply make up straight away. I like it but I wish I could feel more benefits from it, I like to feel a product working! This is £13 for 10ml & also sell a 5ml tube.

Next up, Their Spot On Roller Ball, This is an antibacterial treatment for spots, cuts, bites and the like. I feel a bit weird about the smell of this, it is extremely over powering, like very strong tea tree and I just can't handle it very well, it makes me feel nauseous whenever I apply it. The thing is, it works! I use it on random blemishes that I get and it clears then up within a day. So I recommend it, I just wish it wasn't so stinky! Priced £7.75.

The next thing I chose was one of their masks, The Deep Cleansing Mask. This was recommended for me when I said what my skin type was. It is perfect for problematic, oily, blemish prone skin. As you can see below it is a green colour, So I look like a witch whenever I use it. I love this though, it feels so instantly cooling on the skin when applied. You just wait for it to dry, which makes your face feel a little tight (but not in a uncomfortable way) and then you rinse away. You can use a muslin cloth, or round sponge which mine came with. The little sponge is also really nice, I use it in a circular motion and it makes me feel like I'm cleansing more deeply.

This mask has clay and manuka honey in and it helps draw out impurities and excess oil to leave skin balanced, calm and clear, and I can vouch for that. It's like a soothing skin saver for any time! You can also just blot a small amount on any blemishes if you want to.The starter kit, which includes two sponges is £12.50.

Lastly but not least was another eye product.. This grabbed me as soon as I saw it on their website. It is their Soothing Eye Lotion, This is a watery cooling product that you just put on some cotton wool and hold over your eyes. I most like to use this first thing on a morning, It really wakes my eyes up, reduced the redness and makes me look more alive! It contains toning witch hazel, cooling aloe vera and cornflower to soothe, and soothe it does. My boyfriend has become quite fond of this aswell, It just feels so instantly refreshing. I also love to use it with a face mask for pampering. I just lie back with a couple of cotton rounds soaked in this on my eyes for 20 minutes or so, It's bliss! This is £9.50 and will last you ages. Oh and a little tip, keep it in the fridge for an even more soothing experience, it's a delight!

Thank you for reading. Sophie. xx

The products mentioned in this review were sent to me for review consideration. However the opinion is mine and is honest.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I think I'm gonna make an order for some stuff. The eye lotion sounds so good, I think I need it. The mask sounds really refreshing too! Love the new layout btw!