Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is Love .. NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil!

I finally own it, the infamous NYX Jumbo Pencil, in Milk!.. I have wanted this for absolutely AGES. I'm a fan of white eyeshadow bases, and after seeing so many people using this I knew that one day I had to have it.

This is where the lovely Sarah (from I Heart Cosmetics) comes in, she saw a tweet where I mentioned that I wanted this, and she said that she owns it and doesn't like it and will send it to me if she could find it, which she did, and so now I have it!  Yay me, and thanks Sarah!

I love it, I knew that I would. It's super creamy, super pigmented, super blendable and super sticky.. (Can you tell that super is the word of the day?!) So yep, I really like it, it's a perfect eyeshadow base and I am kinda addicted to using it underneath everything at the moment!


I definitely need to try some other colours of these, and I'm also keen on trying their cream blushers. What do you love from NYX? I haven't tried anything really.. But I want to!

Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx


Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

You are a girl after my own heart.

I have been literally yearning to get some of their cream blushers and the jumbo pencils. When I get a minute and see which ones I like, I'm ordering them.

Jo Ellis said...

I own all the Nyx Jumbo Pencils lol. I found the whole set on ebay. The 1 I use most is Blackbean. I must use Milk more as it is Lovely

JL said...

ooooh definitely try their cream blushers! I love them!

Stevista said...

NYX has nice products, you have to try their round lipsticks -> very creamy and moisturizing and great colors! :)


Dee said...

I absolutely love their single eyeshadows. The palettes and trios are not as pigmented, but the singles are fantastic, and there are tons of colours. I also really like their lipsticks and the Mega Shine lipglosses.

나니 said...

Their eyeshadows - mostly the trios and the 10 palettes. I also really love their Megashine lipglosses and slim eyepencils.

I have like.. uhh.. 6 of their jumbo eye pencils. I love them : D

rachel! said...

not sure if you already know about this, as i haven't heard anyone on you tube or blogger talk about it, but there is a UK NYX website now!
i just found it and NYX have confirmed for me on facebook that it is the real website! So now us UK NYX fans can buy their products from the NYX website!
shipping is reasonable too! only something like £2.95!!!!!!!
just wanted to let anyone and everyone know cause im so excited about this! hehe xo