Thursday, December 09, 2010

Blink + Go Make up! ♥

So, I am sure that you will have seen my posts that feature Blink + Go eyelashes? If not, click here. They make awesome lashes, that are easy to apply, light and easy to wear and they feel so soft and natural. They have dramatic lashes and more natural lashes, as well as outer corner lashes and lower lashline lashes. I would definitely recommend that you check out the range which is now available to purchase online.

Today though, I wanted to talk about their Make up range. I've had this for a while but I forgot about it for a while (a sure sign that I have way too much make up!) .. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I discovered it and whooped with excitement .. So I played, swatched, did my make up and was thoroughly impressed.I have two of their make up compacts, they are both awesome. Here is what Blink + Go have to say about them ...
Take your eye-style to dizzy new heights with maximum colour and perfect silk texture and finish—and staying power that won't let you down.

Included are an applicator and two sensational shades of blusher that compliment the eyeshadow and define your natural beauty perfectly.
See that bit about blushers? ... Yeah, well I didn't know there were blushers in these palettes until one day when I opened it up and discovered that the eye shadow section lifted and there were two pretty blushers, How exciting! :)
Those shadows lift and there are hidden blushers! ...
Four completely different colours too!

What do I think? .. I really like them and I'm surprised by just how impressive the quality is. The eye shadows are smooth and buttery like Urban Decay eyeshadows. They blend like a dream and the colour pay off is brilliant. The blushers are a little small, but I managed to dip my brush in. They are SO pigmented and give a lovely bright flush across the cheekbone, They really surprised me!

These little sets are the perfect gift for yourself or a make up lover! They are just 14.95 and you really are getting good quality make up! I will be sure to post some FOTD looks with these palette's soon. Click here for more info on how to order.

These were sent to me for tutorial / review.
My opinions are ALWAYS my honest opinion.


Fran said...

Love them !

Anonymous said...

Oh these look lovely I can't wait to see looks with them.