Monday, December 13, 2010

♥ Lush Skin Drink Review.

♥ What LUSH Say : Rich moisturiser for parched skin. This is our rich, thick cream to turn rough, dry skin into soft, supple skin for as long as you continue to use it. A delicious blend of sesame, almond and evening primrose oils to moisturise, organic avocado to soften and calming rose oil, all mixed up in soothing aloe vera.

My Thoughts : This is lovely. Admittedly it is not normally the sort of moisturiser I would use, because I have oily skin and this is SO moisturising! But it is like a godsend at the moment, with the freezing temperatures, and because we always have the central heating on, my skin is so dry and feels awful.. It is thirsty and needs this skin drink! You only need a little of this for your face too, it goes a real long way!

It's a weird colour, which was off putting to begin with, but it works. It sinks in nicely and leaves my skin feeling amazingly supple and plump, as well as hydrated. It's really lovely and I definitely suggest it if you suffer from dry skin in the winter. It is also great for anywhere else where you may have dry patches too.

Price : £10.25 for 45ml. Quite pricy, but I do think it is worth it as it goes far, and is a little pot of miracle stuff for dry skin sufferers!

Where To Buy : From the Lush website, Or in a Lush shop.

If you are tempted but don't want to fork out the money just in case it is not for you, why not ask for a sample next time you are shopping in Lush!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your review. I tried skin drink a while back but sadly for me its too much for my skin as I have combination skin and in the winter my skin is ok. But glad to see it works for you x

Kate said...

The ingredients sound yummy but I do like my Bio Oil for sorting out really dry skin patches!
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Kat x