Friday, December 17, 2010

» MeMeMe Create The Look Gift Set!

I received this today, and just had to blog about it right away. MeMeMe Cosmetics (which is becoming a bit of a fave of mine recently) are doing gift packs, perfect to give to any make up lover as a gift this Christmas. (available until 22nd Dec I think..)

I got the drama pack, which is just perfect for me, as I am a dramatic make up lover.. The kit contains the following :

- Eye Sweep precision Eye Definer
- Drama Eyes Baked Quad
- Fat Cat Lashes Mascara
- Eyeline Kohl Pencil

Now, from my working out, buying those items separately would cost around the £25 mark, but you can buy the kit for just £15.. What a bargain, eh?
It's lovely, isn't it? I can't wait to get stuck in and play with them all (reviews soon!)..

Oh, and I also got a little card inside with a discount code, as you might have noticed. You can use the code 'Christmas 2010' online at to save 25% .. How good is that? The code is redeemable until 15 February too! I think lots of you will definitely take advantage of that.

You can see the range of gift kits available here.

So, if you have every fancied trying some MeMeMe, or you already love their products, now is the perfect time to shop!

Merry Christmas! :)

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Cydonian said...

Interested to see how you lid the baked quad, I got a couple and the payoff isn't so good for me. I admittedly haven't tried them on my eye with a primer yet, I just swatched them!

Julianne said...

Ooh, that looks like a great set and a brilliant bargain. I've never tried any of MeMeMe's products, if only I had the space!

Sheefa F said...

I have the set in fire eyes. The shadows are sheer but still so pretty. I wana see your's swatched now :)

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