Sunday, December 19, 2010

O·P·I Texas Collection. S/S 2011.

The OPI Spring / Summer 2011 Collection, The Texas Collection. There are quite a mix of interesting shades, some more than others. I love the bottom row of pinks/deep purples.

I was fortunate to be sent a few of the shades in advance of the release..

I love them all..

I vant to be A-lone star is such a perfect festive colour and I will be sporting it for Christmas (It's all packed for my travels to my mums!) It's a creamy pastel blue with a silver icy shimmer to it. It's like ice, and I really like it.

Don't mess with OPI is another fave. I've been looking for a lovely green polish for ages, and this is it. It is a cream shade, really nicely pigmented and looks fab on the nails. I also like it with nail effects on top, because it's so vivid green underneath.

Guy meets Gal-veston is a jelly, so it is a little more sheer than the others, but it's a perfect coral/orange shade that will look gorgeous in the summer for holidays. I used about three coats of this for opacity, and am wearing it on my toes at the moment. It's lovely and bright.

I will be back soon with nail of the day posts for these shades!
Thanks for reading!..

All of the Texas Collection will be available from Lena White from Feb 2011, Priced £9.95.


Anonymous said...

oooo i love o p i nail varnish i have only about 5 but i wear them all the time i have my eye on the burlesque ones that have just come out but i really likey that green one.
soph my darling ur brill and u know any freebies u don't like u can always throw my way wink wink nudge nudge lolonly kidding i know it's prob goes family first but hay i'm always open :D

Jennifer said...

I vant to be A-lone star looks lush!!!. xxx

Ania said...

Ahh, San Tan-tonio is gorgeous